Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23

We have decided from now on to make a decision to buy American made products whenever possible. We know there are going to be instances when that is just not possible. I want to actually look at labels and see where things are manufactured and if their is a choice of a locally made item, then I want to choose that item over a foreign made product. I want to take the time and learn who owns the companies where I shop. I have chosen to make an effort to eat in locally owned restaurants and not national chains that takes money out of community.
On Fridays the Ed Schultz radio show has Recession Busters where they spotlight small businesses owned and operated by small entrepreneurs.
This morning Michael is taking me to Shari's for breakfast. It's National Pie Day, so we may even pick up a pie for tonight's dessert. They have a promotion for a free pie bag, so, whenever you use the bag they will donate 25 cents to the Girls and Boys Club of America. We will also request an Honored Citizens Card for Michael. This chain is based out of Beaverton, OR and have restaurants in an around the northwest.
And then onto Costco. Costco is headquartered in Issaquah, WA. We hate going there because we actually have nicknamed it "The $200 Store". We always spend way too much there without even trying. Today we will try and keep it down to what really need. Like toliet paper, red cups and hamburger meat. Michael is working overtime with some of his crew tonight starting at midnight so he wants to get some pastries for them too.

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