Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22

Yesterday I wanted to make an appointment to see a doctor about my night coughing. I am really tired of not sleeping. Why do clinics do everything in their power to keep you from seeing a doctor. Why do the appointment makers think they need to know everything? Because my doctor's nurse was off they pawned me off on a triage nurse over the phone. It is so hard over the phone when explaining what is wrong with you without sounding like a whining loser. So finally I get an appointment to see a physician's assistant. She was okay, better than most almost doctor I've seen in the past. She changed alot of the dosages of my medications and did an EKG. Heartbeat is still way to fast. I finally did the blood draw. But still need to get a chest xray done.
Back to work where there is just more and more of it. I pawned another paperwork pile off on the receptionist to staple and file.
Michael was late getting home, so I watched more recorded television. My guilty pleasure Ugly Betty. I love that show. I don't remember what else I watched.
Now it is Friday. My boss took the day off to go skiing, if there is any snow left.I cannot wait for the weekend and enjoy some peace and relaxation.

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