Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20

We have been watching the PBS series Liberty, An American Revolution. It took couragous men from different beliefs and walks of life and brought them to together to form a country free of foreign entanglements from 13 small colonies. These men had different political beliefs but they were able to come together and compromise and work to build a country for the betterment of the people.
Where are the special brave men today that we need to lead this country and improve the life of our people. All I see is greed, poisoned partisan politics and corruptness.
I see the goodness in people who are donating money to the people of Haiti. But are some of these same people the ones with the attitude that because I have healthcare, why should I care if anyone else does or I'm not gay so why should I care that everyone has the same rights as everyone else.

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Steve said...

i so agree. not sure we have any professional politicians i would consider a true patriot in the mold of the founding fathers.
its sooooo much easier for them to get rich, stay in power and the hell with us.

but on the plus side it will be 45 degrees here tomorrow lol

hope you and M are doing well