Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 New Years Day 2011

Please read this article and you will know why I am all fired up all over again.
I have decided that one of my resolutions will be to boycott all sponsors that sponsor the Philadelphia Eagles who employ Vick. I want to start a grassroots campaign to get as many people as I can to join me. The only way you can make anyone in business to change is to hit them in their pocketbooks. I will be sending this article and a letter to each sponsor to tell them about my boycott. I want to start a Facebook petition also, but, will need to learn how to do that.
There is no room in our world for an animal abuser-murderer! His crime goes way past dog fighting. He has never admitted the full extent of his crimes and I "will never get over it"!
I will be listing the sponsor's names and contact information as I find them, so, if you choose to join me - the more the better.
TV news: I love the new OWN Network! Lots of great shows. I'm looking forward to watching more. I watched the Peter Walsh show and it was great. Gave me inspiration that I can get this house organized so we can make the move easier.
Took the tree down and packed it all up, so, it is now ready to go to the storage unit once it is not so icy and cold. This morning the temperature was below zero. We had a nice dinner of boneless pork chops, blackeyed peas with jalapenos, green beans and mashed potatoes. It felt like Sunday all day, but, it's only Saturday!! Yay! Michael's vacation is going by too fast.

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kkryno said...

I love the new network also! Pretty stoked about that.

I have alaways had reservations about Mr. Vick's supposed remorse and redemption over his egriedious cruelty. I'd like to believe that everyone can change, but until he experiences some of the same physical suffering that his dogs went through, I don't think he should have any peace. I know that at some point Karma will be there to slap him in the face, and that will be true justice. And it will--rest assured. I've had many pitbulls over the years, and they will do anything to please their people. The problem with te breed is unworthy breeders and owners. If this is a race thing wherein it's considered "normal," maybe it should be presented in the same light as slavery.

All the speeches and public sevice announcements will never convince me he has put himself in the same "shoes" as his dogs; ever!