Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28

I missed a call from Dixie from Promanix yesterday. So I called and she is off till Monday. I did schedule an interview for next Tuesday afternoon at Group Health. At least this is a real interview and not a group grope like the last one there.

I think I found an apartment we will both like. It is up on South Hill. 2bdrm, updated kitchen, large in size, will take pets and has a garage. The only thing missing that was on our list is the in apartment laundry. I talked to the property manager and she seemed very nice. And it is only $575.00 per month. Bargain. It is definitely a renters market. We plan to go and look at it on Sunday.

Rain/Snow mix coming for tonight. Yuck! I am making beef stroganoff for dinner. 

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