Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19

The job interview at Group Health was today. It was one of the craziest ways of interviewing I had ever experienced. There were nine people, including 3 internal candidates being interviewed for this position. When I heard there was internal candidates, I was thinking this is a complete waste of my time. But my experience matched this position so precisely that I had to give it a shot. They took all 9 of us in a conference room and interviewed us all at once, fielding questions to the group. It made me think of speed dating.
One of the internal candidates sat next to me. At one point he was quoting the Bible, which I thought was totally inappropriate. Then they asked all 9 of us a question of how much accounting experience we each had because she stressed that this was an important part of the job. After I gave my experience which 20+ years the Bible guy, which is what I thought of him by then, said he had NO accounting experience but was willing to learn and then he challenged them by saying, "If they did not hire him it would be the biggest mistake ever"! At the end of this group mess they sent us to the lobby and said they would be calling back the 4 they were interested in...sure enough...Bible Guy and 2 other internal candidates and a gal who worked at Sonic were called back. I guess I can chock up this as experience and know I do not want to go to this kind of interview ever again.

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kkryno said...

That is so wierd! I'd have to wonder if the'd already secretly decided to give the position to one of the internal candidates and were just going through the required orchestrations. You're probably glad you didn't get that job.

Hang in there. I hope the best for you.