Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

Gloomy mild day. Typical winter day, but, no snow and that is always a good thing.

Spent most of the day packing and doing laundry. Seems to be becomming a pattern for me. Did get out for a bit. Went to Walgreens for shampoo and lint traps for the laundry sink and then to the bread store. How's that for an exciting outing?

Set up a phone interview for tomorrow with the escrow company I applied at. Returned Dixie's (from Provisional) call regarding an opportunity. But she didn't call back. Probably filled it.

Michael went to dinner with some work friends so I was free for the night. I thought about going to the movies, but changed my mind. Stayed home and watched alot of the shows I had DVR'd. Harry's Law starring Kathy Bates is one of my new favorites.

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kkryno said...

I love Harry's Law. We must be sisters! ;)