Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 364 Happy New Year

As you can tell I am off a day. Somewhere during the year I missed a day. Oh well, I will try and do better next year. This is why I need to post eveyday, even if it's just a picture. That way I don't miss one.
This coming year will be full of challenges for me. Hard ones, some to the extreme and some will be new and exciting. I will be looking for some advise and friendly support to make it through them.
Tonight I will be working on my resolutions. I will be listing them on Listology and then seeing how many I have or have not accomplished. Hopefully more than last year.
I signed up for unemployment today. Here in Spokane it is all done online. We also went out in the frigid cold and did our grocery shopping. Very slippy and slidey out on the roads today. We received 2 movies from Netflix. We still have Robin Hood with Russell Crowe to watch from last week. Did some tv watching, mostly shows that were DVR'd. Episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Full Throttle.
Thank you Vikki and Linda for your comments. You both have become so special to me.


kkryno said...

This has been quite a year, Linda. May the new one be all that you hope for! :)

linda said...

i love how sometimes i am from someplace called 'smartville'! hahahahah

anyway, linda, yes, it has been a hard year for me too, healthwise and so for us both i hope for a better, healthier, happier, livelier and just plain more fun new year! and you know where i am if you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to hear your fears...xoxo