Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 359 Christmas Day

It was a nice quiet Christmas Day. Feeling pretty good today. We made a few decisions of where we are heading these coming few months and feel good about that too.
We got out of the house because the sun was shining and for once not snowing. Dropped off the car payment and then drove out by Green Bluff and found the view to be a winter wonderland. The wheat fields are blanketed with snow and you could see the deer and other critters tracks in the snow. So pretty in the bright sun. We even saw a temperature sign in town that read 50 degrees. But more snow on the way for Monday. So better enjoy it while we can.
Enjoyed talking with Carol and then later DK. I will call Steve and Althea tonight.
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I am ready to kick 2010 to the curb and move forward to 2011. It will be a bumpy year for us, but, I think we are strong enough to ride the bumps and land on our feet again.

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