Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 96

Step 4
How To Change Habit
Habits are formed by doing somethingover and over at least 12 times. After that point the action is set and the habit is formed. The best way to create new habits, or modify an old habit, is to reward yourself. When you take smaller bites and wait to speak until you swallow, take yourself out to eat with friends. They don't need to know why but they will notice a difference in you. When you stop procrastinating and begin to get that large (or small) project don take a quick break and treat yourself with something. Make sure you get back to your prject right away.
Habit formation is just another synonym for character development. Changing habits will change how you see yourself. Rewarding yourself is important because you are worth it.
I kind of do this now. When at work after I tackle a difficult or tedious project I reward myself by taking a few minutes to cruise Facebook to see what everyone is up to. At home, when I finish something I have been putting off I reward myself with watching a recorded television show.
How do you reward yourself when breaking the habit of being too chatty or interrupting conversations? I will have to think about those.


Lisa said...

I'm trying to break a couple of bad habits. I have to remember this!


linda said...

well, since i am now trying to like my GF diet, i am rewarding myself with online shopping--a book, a lipstick--when i have a bad day i manage to press on through...great thoughtful post, dear lady.

Steve said...

please keep these coming.
as i have tried to moderate my finances i've tried to reward myself every now and then with that $1.58 breakfast from burger king or maybe a beer or two out when it doesn't break the bank

kkryno said...

This is a fun series, Linda. I can certainly use all of these tips! :)