Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119

Final Part of Making the Kindness Cards

Diamonds - For Yourself

2 - Play sports with people you don't know in the park.

3 - Write a list of what you are grateful for RIGHT NOW and share with friends.

4 - Smile! And say hello to 5 strangers.

5 - Offer inspiring reading to someone in the room.

6 - Post a list of random kind acts in a public place.

7 - Learn a statement of gratitude in another language and share it.

8 - Leave flowers on the doorstep of someone you don't know and run!

9 - Use physical comedy or your wit to be funny and laugh with the group :)

10 - Pay for an unknown person's meal anonymously.

J - Give away something important to you.

Q - Hand out balloons to kids while skipping around in public!

K - Close your eyes and practice absolute silence for 15 minutes.

A - Give away one of your possessions RIGHT NOW.

I hope that you will try all or some of these. Pick a card a day or when the mood strikes your fancy. Or when your Karma needs a boosting. There is so much ugliness going on around us currently. Maybe it's time to spread some kindness to help turn things around.

Be kind to one another.

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Linda said...

this is really great linda, we always want to do something nice for everyone, but sometimes we need to be reminded