Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 95

Step 3
Watch Yourself Closely For Habits.
Pick a day or two to really focus in on the way you present yourself. Do you have bad habits that may annoy others? These may include interrupting during a conversation, eating with your mouth open, talk with your mouth full, bite your fingernails, proscrastinate etc., etc., etc. Bad habits are behaviors that do not benefit your life. Write them down. Look at the list. Now act to change those habits.
Do I procrastinate? Yes. Do I bite my fingernails? Yes, when I'm nervous or worried. Okay, that means most of the time.
I chatter way too much. I do interrupt in conversations, but, I don't mean to. I've been working on that. I'm working on listening more.
My other bad habit is saying I will be somewhere or go somewhere and later regret and make excuses to bow out. I have come to know I am not a "goer". So now I'm just saying no. That way I'm eliminating the part where I have to get out of going somewhere and the guilt that goes with it.

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