Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93

On my journey of improving myself and life around me, I have found some more great steps on the internet.
Step 1
Don't Compare Yourself to Others
When you see other people and how sure they are of themselves or how much "stuff" they have remember it is all a grand illusion. Things are not always as they look so do not compare yourself to others. Anyways, they are probably looking at you, with envy, wishing they were you. You need to compare yourself with who you want to be and take action to improve yourself.
I do get a little envious when others make more money than I do, are smarter than me and when they take real vacations. But I have only myself to blame because I spent most of my life bouncing around and traveling. I look back and I know I would never have lived any other way.
I do have a great job and make an above average wage, so no complaints there. We have 2 nice cars and everything I could ever want. I have a husband who loves me and is faithful. We bought a house a few years ago. I wish sometimes we would have stayed renters. I hate the responsibilities and expense of owning a house.
I would like to learn more. I may even go back and take a few classes. I would love to master my craft of making jewelry. Really learn bending wire and buying a kiln and make my own pendants. I think this will be my first goal of becomming who I want to be.

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Steve said...

that's a very important step 1 (and one I fail at too often)

thakns for posting these.

Hope you and M have a great Easter Sunday