Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 111

Wednesday Recap for the last week.
We paid our taxes. No refund like last year. We got it down as far as we could. We voted and dropped off our ballots for the EMS bond. So with our civic duty completed, we were ready to enjoy a 3 day weekend.
Saturday we went and both got manicures and pedicures. It was the first pedicure for both of us. We are now hooked and are trying to feenaggle enough each month to do it again.
Sunday we took a drive out to Post Falls to find a mythical barbeque restaurant. Never did find it, but, the weather was so beautiful it made the drive so much more enjoyable.
Monday we went out seeking coffee. The coffee stand we chose has a vacant lot next to it. A couple of vendors were set up, one selling those thick mink blankets and another selling vinyl cut outs for your car. After coffee we stopped at the vinyl cutouts. Found out the guy makes custom ones, so we both had lettering made saying "SHIH-TZU HAPPENS". I have to get my car washed before I can stick it on my car, but, for the last 2 days they have been predicting rain. If it doesn't rain today, I'm going to get my car washed and stick it to my back window.
New television show I'm now watching is Billy the Exterminator. I forgot how much fun living in Louisiana can be. Racoons in your attic and gators in your lake...and snakes. I think I'll stay up here in the Northwest for the time being. We have a few racoons, marmots and skunks and a occasional lost moose...but no snakes and no bugs.

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