Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100

Organize Your Car
Bringing home a new car is wonderful because it looks and smells clean. Look at your vehicle now. Is it still clean and does it smell good? Chances are the answer is 'no' to both. Time to declutter.
-Park your car where all the doors can be open so you have full access.
-Turn on the radio/stereo and turn up your favorite song or CD.
-Start with the trunk. This is where the items are buried that you just flung in. These items can be thrown out, cleaned and put where the belong, or be given back to the proper owner.
-The back seat - When you are busy items tend to be placed (or thrown) into the back seat to get them out of the way. It may be a mystery what all the items are now, especially when it comes to food covered with some spilled liquid, but dispose of all items properly.
-The front seat - The ash tray and garbage bag need to be emptied, go through and glove box or extra storage area to take out what is not needed, and remove the extra cd's, dvds, or other media and bring it back into your residence.
-Clean everything - Take the floor mats out to vacuum or wash, use the appropriate armour all to clean seats, dashboard, inside the doors, steering wheel, etc. Use a window cleaner to wipe down the insides of all windows and anything else that has a shiney finish.
-Finish with a car wash and wax and an air cleaner with the scent of a new car or whatever is your favorite.
Now it is time to take it for a drive and enjoy the clean look and smell again.
Now that it is spring this will be a great Saturday morning project for Jiffy and Spendy (our cars).

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i love this art. very nice!