Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 103

Organize your life - Encompasses things that are planned and ones that are not. You can sort through and declutter your life with the things you know about.

-Organize Your Bills - Put them into weekly folders so you can create a budget or put them on auto pay on your computer.

-Organize Your Schedule - Keep a calendar, either in paper format or electronic, so you know what is coming up that day, week, etc. Use this to schedule your 'mental health' time.

-Organize Your Meals - Know what you plan to serve/eat each day of the next week. Use your calendar to know what events to plan around and who will be home to eat.

-Take time to look at yourself and your lifestyle. What does not need to be done or is not an emergency? Sort out your daily activities and this will help bring about changes that enrich your life in the future.

When you declutter your life you see what is important and can focus on those people and things.

This has been an interesting series. I found these steps on Howto.com - Some I can use some and some don't apply to me. But I will definitely use the ones to help improve me and my life.

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kkryno said...

I definitely need to get my bills organized. I always seem to let that unravel over the winter. It's a part of my spring ritual, but one I dread.