Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 143

Soft rain this morning.

How must it feel to quit your job, give up your belongings just to awake and find yourself still here. Woops...now he says October?

Do I believe in heaven...NO  Afterlife...YES Reincarnation...YES  Hell...NO

I do believe in Karma and Paying it Forward. And most of all Kindness.

Why are people no longer curious? THINK for yourself...not listen to what the talking heads on the radio or television are saying and take it as fact. They are just promoting someone else's agenda or philosophy. Do your own research. READ! ASK QUESTIONS!

My goals for this week: Move the rest of the stuff from the house. Give away what is not needed. Make jewelry. Go to work, pay the bills and try not to spend much money.

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