Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 120

Also known as: May Day,
DATE: Traditionally May 1st. Astrologically, 15 degrees into taurus, near May 5th.

A Spring Rite celebrating the fertility of animals, people, plants, ideas, etc. The
Goddess turns the Wheel again. This is the midpoint of the year. The God relinquishes
power to the Goddess and begins his summer slumber. Power moves from the male
back to the female. The Goddess begins here reign as the Maiden.
This is a joyouse happy time....very much the opposite of Samhain.
The phallus of the God, (represented by the May Pole) is reverently plunged into the earth.
This is done to show the earth what we desire (sympathetic magick).
It is a time for planting of seeds and new beginnings.

It is traditional to dance the May Pole, representing the God impregnating the
Earth Goddess, and by weaving the ribbons, we join two substances to form a third
(representative of the creation of life).

The Beltane Fire (a fire of passion) is lit in a
cauldron or pit. It is traditional to jump over the Beltane fire for fertility or “good luck”
in the coming growing season. A woman is highly blessed if impregnated on Beltane.

Women wear circlets of flowers. Men wear green circlets. All weaving/plaiting-type
activities are very much appropriate (anything that takes two or more items and
creates a separate thing unto itself).

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