Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 141

Sorry I missed a few days. I've been busy making jewelry in my spare time. I sold all 4 necklaces, Life cycle of the Turtle, Bears in the Woods, Return of Spring and Pink Love.

The next necklace I made is called Space, the Final Frontier.  Future project is Bees in Spring.

I have had alot of call for black earrings, so I'll be working on those today.

So the Rapture did not no Post Rapture Looting Party! Damn, it would have been so fun.

Friday night we watched the Linda Ronstadt: Canciones de Mi Padre concert. Besides the music being so fantastic, the costumes and sets were amazing. And her earrings...OMG to die for!  We still have the movies Red and Premonition to watch.

I am rooting for John Rich to win Celebrity Apprentice tonight!!! Another season finale. Pretty soon my DVR won't have anything to record. LOL.

Happy Sunday!

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