Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 119 Saturday


The temptation was almost at it's extent.

I couldn't help it you see, couldn't help wanting to agree.

It was desire, like the devil wanting to play with fire.

The chemistry between us was overwhelming.

You dropped your protection guard, even though it was hard.

I felt the heat, I felt the want, I felt the need, I felt the happiness

within my heart soul and mind.

I looked at you and the temptation ran through, I stopped myself.
"charity don't do it, it wouldn't be right"

I catch myself thinking, "You know you want this, do it already."
but wait I look away with only a second to think and I'm at it again.

It got to where it was constant temptation, a never ending cycle.

I look at you were both tied in the moment our lips stay seprate but there is still temptation to kiss, you whisper softly in my ear, tilt your head and leaned in slowly,
your lips barley touch mine, and you pull away, leaving me wanting this even more.

Taunting and teasing me with your intoxicating smell and your gentile touch, you refuse.
The temptation became stronger and I became weaker, want you even more every second as I lie next to you.

My hand rests on your back as you come closer to me, i flex against your touch.
Your my greatest gift, you know how to get under my skin,
every time your near there is that inner voice i have to hear, and its the temptation
lingering within my body.

by Dark Angel Of Gold

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