Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 129

It was actually a really nice day outside today. The kind you want find a way to escape work and just go out and enjoy.
But it was meant to be. Worked all day...not a great day, but, not an oh so terrible day either. I still miss my carefree days of not working, even though I was sick.

I have gotten back into making jewelry. Seems like I cannot stop! I found a new style of necklace for this year that is really getting my creative juices flowing. The necklaces tell kind of a story. The first one is called Returning Spring. The second is called The Ebbs of a Blue Monday. Then I made a necklace that is different shades of browns, black and ivory/bone colored beads with silver Woodstock bird beads. My next one is going to be called Turtle Cycles. I even have another one after that which will be a memaid themed necklace. I will post pictures once the clasps or connectors are added to complete them.

We have been watching alot of movies lately. Last one was How To Train Your Dragon. So cute. They have come a long way with animation. We are thinking of cutting off cable tv. Almost every show I watch I can watch on Hulu or stream from Netflix. I keep asking myself why am I paying so much money for cable? We sure could use the break in our budget.

My favorite shows seem to be coming to an end of their seasons. First Parenthood and now Justified. Soon Celebrity Apprentice will be over. NeNe=Big Cow Mouth Loser! Oh and Harry's Law ended their season too. But I am sure new shows will come and take their place. True Blood is coming...

I am so looking forward to the nicer weather!! BBQ's and boating at the lake, day trips to Idaho and Montana and all around Washington State. I hate the gas prices, but still want to go out and about and enjoy my surroundings.


c said...

Nice to have you back!
Looking forward to this summer too...c-r & mrb

Saoirse in Spokane said...

I am so happy Roger is doing so well and cannot wait till we can be all together again!! Solar light will be on its way to you soon. The weather is beautiful here today. Went to the heart doctor (the cute Dr Lubbe) and was cleared for another 6 months. Life is grand!! Back in rythym all by myself. Talk to you real soon. L