Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 297

Busy day where I got quite a bit accomplished.
Blood Draw at PAML - check
Mailed bill payments and Netflix movies back - check
Rite Aid for the few essentials that were needed - check
Banner Fuel called and Guardian Plan appointment made and fuel ordered - check
Then we stopped and had lunch at Rancho Chico. So nice visiting with Jose. Food was better than usual. It's such a small town sometimes. Michael's old boss came in with a date. Nice chance meeting.
Rainy, windy and cold is the weather for today. It snowed up on Mt Spokane overnight. Seems like an early winter will be happening this year.

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kkryno said...

We're getting a few flakes right now. I guess I can't complain, since the temps have been a bit above average and the snow is behind schedule. I'm just not that into winter this year.

Hope your getting better every day.