Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 294

The soup is smelling so good. Now onto making cornbread to go with it.
Went to the appointment with the attorney. I liked him and the nurse. My next step is to secure my medical records and get the pictures to him.
Getting cloudy this afternoon. We may get that rain they have been forecasting afterall.
We watched that Tommy Lee Jones' movie Missing. It was good. Not the best Tommy Lee Jones movie as was told by the person who lent us the movie, but, definitely a good one. This weekend we have more Deadwood to watch and a movie titled Leap Year.
I watched the episode of Parenthood I DVR'd the other night. It was a Halloween themed show. Loved it! The show is so well written and the characters are so rich. Definitiely a hit. Well, David did not get sent home on the Apprentice. Maybe next week. I think they keep him on for the tv drama he creates. A guy we all love to hate.

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linda said...

i am not a tv watcher so not familiar with these excepting apprentice which i missed the beginning of...i do watch some reality shows, like amazing race, etc...hope you are feeling better and the case goes well. a long time from now i guess.