Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 280

Talked to the president of the doctor's association at Deaconess Hospital. Gardner has been officially reprimanded and is now on probation. I am still deciding if I want to further this.
We went to, I think, the worse restaurant in Spokane. China Dragon across from the Northtown Mall. We wanted to eat in the bar away from all families with children, but, all the seats were taken. So we went and sat in the dining room. And yes, screaming children at almost 1/2 of the tables. The food was cold and greasy. I took 4 bites and that was it. I wanted to spit it out in my napkin. We should have went to King Yen where we always go, but, M wanted to go here. Next time - anytime we want chinese its King Yen on Monroe.

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