Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 279

Rained most of the day. And my body felt like the dreary rain. I wish the dogs had a covered grassy area to keep them dry from the rain when they go out in the back for duty time.
I came home from work turned on the heat and put my feet up. No cooking of any kind tonight. I ordered pasta from Pizza Hut. Michael's choice. I finally got a little bit of my appetite back today.
I am officially sick of campaign ads!!! I'm all for limiting the money a politician can spend on their campaigns. Thank goodness for my DVR. I can fast forward through those suckers. I wish I could go to the Murray vs Rossi debate. Almost entered the KHQ lottery for a ticket. I could think of some good questions for both of them. I wonder who went to Rossi after losing the last 2 elections and said to him, "Hey, you did so well in the last 2 elections, we want to back you in another race - this time for senator" What did he promise to get someone to pay for him to run again.
Grey's Anatomy and the Apprentice are on tonight! Yay. 2 of my favorite shows. I sure hope they kick David off the Apprentice tonight.

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peppylady (Dora) said...

It rain quite a bit here today or least most of the afternoon. I know who I would be voting for over in Washington if I lived there.
My son moved over in the Spokane Valley area. I made sure he was register to vote there.

Coffee is on.