Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 276

Still not feeling great but managed to make it through work and got quite a bit done.
Dr appointment this afternoon showed why I am so tired. My coumadin level was fine at 2.9 but after the EKG my heartbeat was running 120 to 140 beats. Left with the nurse saying Dr Lubbe would call me tonight.
I got a nice letter with pictures from my Aunt Louise who lives in Florida. I wish I could go visit her. She is the closet person I have to my Mom. I will definitely have to sit down and write her a letter.
I have had no appetite which worries everyone. So we went to Round Table so I could have a salad. It tasted good, but, was hard to keep down all night.
Dr Lubbe called and he increased some of my medicine. Hopefully I will feel better in the days to come.

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