Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83

Color of the day: Green

Incense of the day: Clove

March 24


Color of the day: Green

Incense of the day: Clove

In Scottish folk tradition, March 24 was the beginning of a ritual period known as Seed-Time. This was the busiest time of spring, as planting had to be underway by this time. Having ground that was moist at this time was considered a good-weather omen. There was much ritual associated with plowing and sowing seed, and the community elders preserved ancient advice and lore associated with planting seeds. Recite this folk charm for sowing seeds while symbolically planting seeds or grains for new beginnings in your life:

Let the first Tuesday in March pass by

And the second Tuesday, if need be,

But if the weather is good or bad,

I sow my seeds in True March

Though I cannot send a pebble

Against the strong north wind.

At this time, Seed-Time

Is the right time to sow!

SDS organizes first Viet War teach-in at Univ. of Michigan (1965)

Event Date: March 24, 1965

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