Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82

Congress votes to lower voting age to 18 (1971)

Event Date: March 23, 1971

I wonder how many 18 year olds know how really cool that is to be able to participate in the process.
Of course then there are so many teenagers that cannot tell you on a map where New Hampshire is.
Color of the day: White

Incense of the day: Lilac

From Llewellyn Worldwide:
The coming together of the birthday of Minerva, goddess of wisdom, and the rites of the Great Goddess mark the perfect time for love. Today, spend time thinking about the components of love that are most important to you (not who possesses them) and especially engage the challenges with love you have had in the past. Ask yourself what you have learned. With this knowledge pressed into wisdom through time, you have the ability now to create a love spell that shines brightly enough to attract a worthy partner. Before a mirror, breathe cleansing and releasing breaths. Surrender to higher wisdom and release attachment. Become willing to be truly met. From this place, look into the mirror, gazing past your face and into your soul. Speak your truth about love and your desire to be met. When you have finished, use rose oil to seal the spell at your heart.

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