Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 268

Happy Sunday. This week even tought I was home and went no where really flew by. My foot seems to have gotten alot better overnight. I can actually touch the bottom of my foot without feeling like that old cartoon where the cat jumps and holds onto the ceiling with all four paws.
I was up for awhile this morning and then went back to bed and slept for hours. Must have needed it.
I wish I had Showtime because Dexter starts a new season tonight.
Something I heard on Deadwood:
Pain or damage don't end the world
Or despair or beatings
World ends when you're dead
Until then you got more punishment in store
Stand it like a man
And give some back


kkryno said...

Hi, Linda. Just checking in to see if you're feeling better.

I'll check on the book of face, as Steve says!

Lisa said...

I'm glad your foot is doing better! I say give some of that pain back! You've had enough.