Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 260

A new day.
Thank you Vikki and Lisa for your support. And Vikki for all the wonderful places to start. I have decided to start the complaint process. Starting first with my insurance company United Healthcare. Maybe I can get them to review if he should be a preferred provider.
I entered a craig list request to maybe find any other patients that similar experiences with this doctor.
Yesterday I went back for a check up at Spokane Cardiology. They checked my blood levels and they were doing very well. So well she said I could have a salad. Green leafy stuff because of the vitamin K is a no-no for anyone on coumadin. Next I saw Jackie, my doctor's nurse. I don't know what she expected, but, I think she was shocked. She called in Dr Liemgruber who said it was bad, but, will heal in time. He said I was doing a good job in caring and cleaning. Too much blood in the tissue and leg pain. And also fatigue. He dashed my dreams of going back to work on Monday. A set back for sure. Another week off. But I had to agree with him.
In an effort to cheer me up Michael had ordered us something for Halloween (my favorite holiday). They arrived in the mail yesterday. Flip down vampire fangs like they wear on True Blood!! So cool and they did cheer me up.

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kkryno said...

Sorry that you can't go back to work on Monday, but you take good care of yourself so that it will stick this time. ;)

I hope that you get alot of response to your inquiry on Craig's List, except it'll also mean this creep hurt others, too. It's very likely that is the case anyway, so I'm proud that you're taking that on. He needs to be stopped. Period.

As for the teeth--pictures please! :)