Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 247

Nothing much happening these last few days. Just work, home, tv and sleep. Not much to post about.
Labor Day Weekend is here. 3 days off. A fall weather trend is upon us. Today we have a nice swift breeze to keep it cool. I don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. I do have to go and get milk and dog food sometime today.
Seems strange that summer is over. I guess because we did not have a true summer with hot spells. I can only remember 1 or 2 days where it was 100 degrees. I will need to enjoy the green trees and blooming flowers for as long as they last till the end of fall takes them all away.


kkryno said...

I can count on one hand the days that were over 60 this "summer". We didn't have much of one and it rained nearly every day.

That's gonna make for a really, really looooonnnnggg winter.


Hope you week-end is good.

Love, Vikki.

Lisa said...

I hope you've had a good, relaxing weekend. We had too much summer, too long, too brutal, too humid. Where can we go for the perfect mix of seasons? Is it San Diego?