Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 259

The hard part to describe. I was hoisted onto the surgery gurney. They taped my legs down, then my arms down. They pulled my stomach up as far as they could and taped it so tight I could hardly breathe. Gardner was complaining about something they did so they taped more and tighter. With relief the drugs took over and put me to sleep.
I came back awake and found my legs and arms free from the tape. Gardner then decided to rip the tape from my stomach. I screamed and I cried for him to stop. But no one comforted me or acted like they heard me. I cannot describe the pain. They gave me morphine and that calmed me down until the second round of tape pulling happened. It was like they had not given me anything for pain. It was excruciating. After they were through they gave me morphine. Gardner then applied rows of pink pressure tape across my stomach. From there I was wheeled back to my room.
When Michael talked to Gardner he stated that he thought he got all of the clot. Michael shot back, what the hell do you mean you think you got it all? Gardner answered back about that the remains of the clot would filter out with all the blood thinners I was on.
Late the next morning Gardner entered my room. Without saying much he stared grabbing my stomach to inspect. Without any warning he began ripping the tape off. I screamed and cried. A nurse came to the door and he ordered her away. Once the tape was off I kept repeating NO MORE TAPE! Then he said yes he was going to tape it again. I screamed and screamed NO MORE TAPE! He applied the pink pressure tape once more without a word of comfort, reassuarance or empathy. Michael was ready to punch him and stated he need to show me empathy. He turned to Michael and told him WE should show him empathy and started talking medical procedures that may or may not kill me. I ordered him out of the room.
Dr Lubbe spoke with him and came to my room to find out what happened. I told him everything. He listened to me and looked at what he had done and I think he was shocked. He ordered the nurse to remove the tape and took over my care from there on.
After Dr. Lubbe left, Gardner returned and made an apology. I felt he did not know what he was apologizing for just that he knew he had to say something.
I removed Gardner from my care and made a complaint. I wonder if anything will even be said to him. My dilema now is what to do.


kkryno said...

Try to find about other patients in his care (past and present) that may have similar stories. I'm not sure how you would go about this, but the sweetest revenge for the way this m-f-er treated you would be to rip the rug of his cushy career out from under his santimonious ass! There must be a patients advocacy group in your area, or some sort of an orginization that could guide you through the steps.

It undoubrably would be quite the undertaking, but you did not deserve that sh*t. Anyone can have an off day, but you NEVER take it out on those you've been entrusted to help. He is a monster. The public can't abide this type pyscopathic behaviour within the medical community.

Please get well, and be strong, Linda. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Love Vikki.

Lisa said...

That is horrifying. I agree with Vikki. And contact the state Boards that govern and license medical practitioners.

I'm so sorry you've had to suffer this, Linda. No one should have to suffer that way.

Sending you healing thoughts.