Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67

I so appreciate my dog grooming shop, The Yuppy Puppy. My little Sammie got into something that smelled to high heaven and was sticky and then there was the pee pee incident...
Anyway into the bathtub he went. Oh how he loves being scrubbed and rubbed with bubbles flying everywhere. Sammie was in his element enjoying every splash of warm water. My knees were killing me.
And then came the blow drying. He endured being flipped over and over and put in positions I know he did not care for. An hour of it. This dog has an amazing coat.
Once it was done, he pranced around and showed us how beautiful he knew he is. With so much praise coming from the two of us, I think it went to his head.
Thank you Yuppy Puppy and Aquila and Kris for every 3 weeks they come and get glamorized!!

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