Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61

Does it say on my forehead Give Her Burnt Toast? I hate burnt toast and it seems anytime I order when we out anything with toast it will arrive burnt.
Dear Waitess/Server, Do you think I won't notice the blackness or the dryness of the toast you just delievered? Would you eat this crap? Please take it back to the cook and tell him... oh well. And please do not just flip it over and serve it again. Yes, I will notice that the other side is still burnt.
Sincerely, me
Michael says I am banned from ordering toast in restaurants.
There is a chance Spokane will get an aquarium. I have emailed every city council person, the mayor and the local newspaper. I am hopeful that the city will see this as an economic stimulator, but, alas it is Spokane.
Eat, Drink and Be Merry, because tomorrow you might be in Spokane.


Steve said...

may be spring here too sometime. maybe in the 60's in two weeks (the golf clubs are in teh car just in case!)
lovely and thought producing art as always.
hope this finds you and M well

Ghost Dansing said...

catch the breeze...