Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50

Spent the morning relaxing getting ready to go to Deaconness. Then the nurse calls and said can you come right now, we moved up the schedule. No time to worry, just time to go.
Lots of commotion and a swarm of people to get you ready. They gave me the stuff that makes you not remember and then asked if I would roll to my side. LOL, sure. Gone before I knew I was on my side. Camera down, no clots, 2 zaps and my heart is back to normal. Toast and diet 7 up and then wheelchair ride to the car.
I know it was the prescribed Avandia that did this to me. I am now 100% sure. If you are on Avandia, stop NOW. Do not take any more. When the class action suit is filed I will sign my name to it. They knew since 2007 that this causes heart problems, but, did not share until this year.

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Steve said...

didnt know you used to live in LA
Jessica (the ex) was from Shreveport so we would spend time there with her family and New Orleans is one of my all time favorite towns.
the snow is beginning to melt but we have more mixed stuff coming in next week!
hope you have a great weekend