Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46

The Westminster Dog Show is back! Each dog with their own characteristics are so undearing, I want to take them all home. I wish different dogs could win each year. The Poodle wone the Toy Group again. Anf the Puli won again and last year it won Best in Show. It is sort of like NASCAR, you start to wonder can someone else win this race?


Ghost Dansing said...

she's beautiful. i was wondering where you were and why you stopped posting at your blog. Mazzy Star

kkryno said...

I was so tired that I had to DVR it. K. is working the night shift, so my sleep patterns are REALLY messed up! I will watch it tomorrow. I also have a hard time with watching stuff about dogs since Joey. I know it's been a while, but it is still a bit fresh. I miss him.

I think that if I had been here when he passed I would have had a better handle on the reality of his death. I harbor bit of guilt about not being here when he died.

Dealing with some issues lately--thanx for being my friend.