Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35

I actually had a good day today. I felt almost like my real self. My boss is gone skiing for the next 2 days.
Heard from someone in my past and it made me smile. Opened the flood gate to memories of 40 years ago.
Tonight we watched the movie Hurt Locker. I don't usually like war movies, but, this one sucked me in and it was good. It made me hate war and The idiot Bush even more. Why are we still in Iraq? What do we hope to win? Hearts and Minds? Never going to happen.


-dan-d- said...

This is so beautiful!

linda said...

lovely paintings, i wish i knew where you got her :) in reading some past posts, i see you are having some health problems...i am sorry to hear that but you know what, it comes with this dumb aging thing we keep doing--at least that's what i keep telling myself ! you think?

agree about losing those lovely bloggers, well, at least one i know of ... sad but necessary ... thinking about it myself takes so much time and i am tired of doing it when i should be doing other... or feeling like i should do it or being guilty because i haven't commented and on and on...i am sure you know what i mean. take care of you, dear♥