Friday, July 22, 2011


Chilly enough to wear long sleeves yesterday. A few sprinkles too. Today seems to be looking the same as is only 49 degrees this morning.

We did not get going yesterday until close to 1:00. Went to the new bank and picked up the checks we ordered. Now I can pay the car payment. From there we went to Walmart (Airway Heights) and picked out new sheets. We chose the t-shirt material ones in a dark gray color. Nice and soft.

Off to the doctor. We talked of options. He even noticed the weight I had lost. I decided on the ablation surgery. We have it set for August 25th at Sacred Heart. It is a long surgery that takes 4 to 6 hours. Older distinguished doctor promised to be the one to do the surgery, not some unknow staff surgeon. I am not sure if I will have the under arm surgery before or after the ablation surgery. Need to find out the recovery time when I have my appointment on August 1st with Finn's surgeon.

When we left the doctor's office M's cell phone was ringing. Speedy Delivery drivers saying they were running very early and wanted to delivery 1 1/2 hrs early. Drove home and they were already there with mattresses up the stairs. The two were quick, efficient and very professional. Our frame did not fit so we will need to buy a new frame. The new sheets fit perfectly. Even though these mattresses are alot smaller they sure felt better.

Made fish sticks and fries for dinner. Nothing exciting on tv. We went to bed early. Today we need to drop off car payment and pick up a prescription.


Linda said...

hi linda, since dropping off fB, i never know what anyone is doing and now don't know what surgery you are having? is it your heart that is still bothering you...i hope that's NOT you but... cannot remember but hated to not ask and then not know either so hope you don't mind i did! take good care of you, my dear, that's a long surgery, take lots of vit. c for the next couple of weeks then stop a week or so before the date. it will help you fight infection and heal faster. xoxo

Saoirse in Spokane said...

Linda, thank you for asking and caring. Yes, my heart once again. This time is for 2 procedures. One to stop the fluttering and one to stop the Afib. The medications and cardioversions are just not working so we need to try something else.

How are you? How is summer at the farm? We have been enjoying mild temperatures up here. Not much of a growing season. Only 1 day so far at 90 degrees. I am not complaining as I watch the rest of the country sizzle.

I hope you are feeling okay. Love your art as always. Take care. Miss seeing you on FB. Linda