Thursday, July 21, 2011


Overcast and breezy this morning. The forecast calls for rain today. I can live with that.

We met wonderful sister in law and husband and father in law at our new Spokane Olive Garden location yesterday to celebrate father in law's birthday. They did a really nice job building and furnishing this new location. Parking is so much easier than downtown. They gave us the VIP room which I thought was nice. The service was excellent. We had the unlimited salad, soup and breadsticks. Delicious food and such a bargain at only $7.95. We had unhurried, nice conversation and caught up on all the family happenings. I forgot the camera. But I will remember it this weekend when we meet up again.

Mattress Outlet called to set up the time they will deliver the new bed today. I will need to go out and find some sheets on sale since we are changing the size of bed from king to queen. Our mover friend called and confirmed that Saturday morning we will move the rest of the stuff out of the house. And last but not least the new bank called and our checks are ready to pick up.

We watched that new show It's Worth What? with Cedric the Entertainer. It was okay. Some of the items stumped me. After that we watched America's Got Talent - The Results. Sorry to see some acts go and more sorry to see some annoying ones stay.

So today we have bank, sheets, doctor appointment and bed arrival. Another full day.

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