Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Third Wednesday in July

I woke early as I usually do. From the balcony of our apartment I always love to see early morning come to the city. Sunrise here begins around 4:45. This morning was blue skies with dark gray clouds with a chilly breeze rustling in the trees. Little orange blinking lights from the city below can be seen through the now fully engulfed trees. Unusually chilly at 48 degrees. Strange weather for summertime. Most of the country is burning to a crisp while we are enjoying unusual mild temperatures.

For months I've been trying to decide what to do with my blog. I've been posting favorite photos and a small synopsis of what has been going on without much detail. Should I really write about what is really going on and how all of it is effecting me? Or should I just not get that personal. Would anybody care? Or would it help if I wrote it down so I can sort it all out?

My fabulous handsome doctor performed my 5th cardioversion. I enjoyed 8 days of better health and then sitting on the couch I felt it slip out of rythym. Depressed! Yesterday went to an appointment with my fabulous handsome doctor and now we are exloring other options. Tomorrow I see my older distinguished doctor to explore those other options. Cardiologists I have learned come in two varieties: electricians and plumbers. My doctor is a plumber and the older distinguised doctor is a electrician.

Also this week the garage to our house, that we no longer are living in, was set fire to. I am 100% positive kids did this. It caught the back sides of our garage and my father in law's garage. We have no clue how this will play out with the insurance. Our insurance should be still in force, but you never can tell with insurance companies. If the fire investigator can get the kids to admit they set the fire, then their parents' insurance can pay for the damages. Just another worry for the worry box.

We talked to our friend the mover and he will help us next week get the rest of the stuff out of the house. This is our number one goal is to get completely out of there so we go on to the next phase. There are certain things I do not want to walk away from that are still there. Once we are out of there we can turn off the electricity. Another bill gone. 

Today we are visiting with wonderful sister-in-law and husband who are here from California. It will be nice to catch up and commiserate about sucky health and the woes of life and family. Hopefully father in law can join us so we can celebrate his birthday. I must bring camera and take lots of pictures.

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kkryno said...

Please don't quit your blog! I know that I check randomly, but I do love that here you share important things about your life. If you feel it's to revealing, I can understand--I haven't written still about losing Gibson and it's been almost a month. It's still too raw for me to write about, but I know that I will when I can sort it out.

I can't believe all that you and Michael have had to deal with this year. I really hope that all levels out soon!

I'll check in more, I promise!