Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 95

North Pole was discovered in 1898
How can someplace be "discovered" if it has always been there.

Does Santa really live there?
I believe he does.

Nothing Between Me And The North Pole

On days like this

The wind strips whole trees bare,

Drifts leaves in ragged piles,

Roars past roof tops,

Steals my breath when I turn my face;

And I, too, feel bare, exposed,

Stripped of town-bred thoughts,

Naked to the plains where I was born,

Nothing between me and the North Pole

But a three-wire fence in Montana,

And someone left the gate open.

John I. Blair

Many Latter-day Saints believe that April 6 was the actual date of Christ’s birth. This belief is based on the first verse of an 1830 revelation to Joseph Smith indicating the date for officially restoring the Church.

How can that be true?
Santa comes to town on December 24th!

Happy Birthday John Ratzenberger aka Cliff Claven from Cheers
Born this day 1947

I also liked his show "Made In America"

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