Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 92

Sacred Space

By David Stanley Bell

from the drama
this daily soap opera, life?

from the conformity
the patterns that seek to possess me

from the gold and steel
that line these prison walls

Excuse me while I go away
into myself
into my sacred space

My honor, my duty to myself
not that I may selfishly hoard
but that I may reconnect
to the divine

in the core of my being
that I may grow and thrive
in the love and light
of all creation

only then
can I give
with quality

To survive the cloak of darkness
which gathers around me
I must confront my own darkness
and love all that I am
the sinner, the saint
the flesh, the spirit
the man, the deity
the healer must first
heal himself

I must maintain
I must rejuvenate
these flowing lines
that define
who I am

You once knew me
as who you wanted me to be
paralyzed with fears
but now
I have mended my wings

I rise above
the haze of illusion
to soar with eagles
to kiss the face of angels
and tumble among clouds

Light of the creation
I draw you in
with every breath

I share
the pangs of evolution
the ecstasy of oneness
every step I take
is a sacred action

I can shine
and overflow
for those who wish
to fill their cup
only because

I respect
my sacred space.

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