Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 104

Start of Willow Celtic Tree Month

The Willow moon was known to the Celts as Saille, pronounced Sahl-yeh. The Willow grows best when there's lots of rain, and in northern Europe there's no shortage of that this time of year. This is a tree associated with healing and growth, for obvious reasons. A Willow planted near your home will help ward away danger, particularly the type that stems from natural disaster such as flooding or storms. They offer protection, and are often found planted near cemeteries. This month, work on rituals involving healing, growth of knowledge, nurturing and women's mysteries.


The Fordicia, also called Hordicidia, was a Roman festival for the goddess Tellus held on April 15.

This Year April 15th Is Not Tax Day; Its Emancipation Day

Everyone knows April 15th is tax day. But this year, it is also Emancipation Day. This is a holiday in Washington D.C. that frees everyone from having to file their tax return until Monday.

"Most people think today might be the deadline, that's OK because it means they file a little early," said IRS spokesman Michael Devine.

If you still need more time, the IRS says it's not a problem. As long as you file an extension by Monday

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