Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 93

Martin Luther King shot and killed in Memphis (1968)

Event Date: April 04, 1968

At the time I could not believe this happened. And even today it is hard t comprehend that this took place.

Smothers Brothers tv show canceled because it is too controversial (1969)

Event Date: April 04, 1969

Event Type: Protest

I remember watching their television show and it becoming one of our favorites! One of the first concerts I went to was a Foothill Jr College to see Pat Paulson. Remember Paulson for President?

Protest Song '68

To sing you must first open your mouth.
You must have a pair of lungs and a little knowledge of music.
It is not necessary to have an accordion, or a guitar.
The essential thing is that I want to sing.
Then this is a song, I'm singing."

[-H. Miller]

Well some things never change...
You'll never see this face again,
I'm out sleeping with the stars in the shallow end.
'Life' ('love') is just a word I don't want to say,

I don't care if tomorrow is a new day.
I'll write the song again,
How about the one who thought life wasn't his friend?
Why would he want the words to be shared?
When no one listens, and no one cares.

I'd skip this fucking song
if you don't want to know whats fucking wrong.
Did you hear my acceptance speech?
I quit. I quit. i fucking quit."

You don't want to know why i can't quite talk.
You don't want to know what makes my heart stop.

You wrote my requiem
with no words, no life, just desperation.
There's no truth like the lie I live
I'm a sinking ship drowning by a burning bridge.

There's no cure for the "Dreamer's Disease"
I'm a boat of false hope, lost at sea.
Today, tonight, tomorrow,
I am truly by myself.

you don't want to know why I can't quite talk.
you dont want to know what makes my heart stop.

You say those fucking words, but what the fuck do they mean? Nothing.
Life is just a word that I won't say.
Love is just a word that I'll never know.
Life is just a game that I wont play.
Love is just a lie that I wont believe

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