Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 242

Long day at work. Still not 100% well. But I made it through it.
Perfect 70 degree weather today. This is why we love the Northwest. They are predicting rain for the next 2 days, but, not like what the Carolinas are going to get with Earl knocking on their door.
Michael and Chris went to meet Bernie to advise her on some more things to purchase for her new computer. They may be going up to the lake - not sure yet. But we are having tacos when they return home. I am also making my raspberry jello that is one of my favorite things. The one where you whip cool whip and frozen raspberries into the jello. We usually only have it on Thanksgiving, but, I'm breaking tradition.
Made a deal with Comcast (ie: the Devil) today. We get to keep all that we have now and the price goes down to around $160.00 per month from the $253.00 per month we are paying now. This will last 1 year and its a promotion and not a contract. We thought about doing the Qwest/DSL option, but, just hate the thought of the 2 year commitment.
DVR happenings: Tonight is 2 episodes of Hardcore Pawn. Can you imagine running a pawn shop in Detroit?

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