Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 229

Driving to work yesterday morning was an adventure. So much bumpity bump traffic because of the event being held at the arena which is across the street from our office. The event was called Get Motivated. Key speakers were ex-mayor Rudy (yeah, the one who cheated on his wife and family) Colin Powell (yeah, the one who lied about WMD's in Iraq) and the right wing wacko christian lunatic Robert Schueller and a few others I never heard of. You should have seen the sheep parking a mile away and decending upon the arena. The promotors for this freak show were charging $9.00 for your whole company to attend. Only one reason they get you in the door cheap...lots of crap to sell you. What really amazed me people were there all day til 4:45.
It was another hot day, up into the nineties. Sure don't feel inspired to do anything when it is that hot. Did a load of laundry and made Texas hash for dinner. Enough so we can have leftovers for tomorrow.
I watched a few of my recorded shows. Animal Hoarding (gross, but like a train wreck, fascinating) the finale of The Next Food Network Star (even though I knew who won) and an episode of Big Brother. Such an exciting life I lead.

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