Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 228

Summer has arrived in its full glory. 90's...I know to most of you this doesn't seem that hot. But we are big cry babies up here in the Northwest.
Michael took me to Sonic for lunch today. Reminded me of TN. The tots reminded me of Indiana. Had time to go to Staples and pick up some padded envelopes. Someone is getting a surprise in the mail!
Busy at work today, as is every Monday. Makes the time really zip by.
Michael did the grocery shopping today on his day off. What a load off my schedule. He got everything on the list too. So its BBQ steak and bake night over at Chris' because he has the better BBQ. I just hope it cools off so we can eat outside.
I am so happy Arti won the Next Food Network Star. I wanted Big Chef Tom to win too, but, there could only be 1 winner. She is definitely a star!! It will be fun to learn to cook Indian food. True Blood was great last night. Only 3 episodes left to the season. Such an awesome series!


Lisa said...

You've been busy, busy!

I'm going to try to make chicken curry tonight for the first time. Fingers crossed.

kkryno said...

I miss Sonic! :{