Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 227

Took the dogs to the groomer. Since it was only going to be an hour we decided to drive around and look at retirement communities that are up north. We also had to get gasoline. Sitting at the pumps we saw it go from $2.99 to $3.03 right in front of our eyes. Oh that's right...Labor Day is around the corner. Last of the summer gouging has begun.
Once we got the pups home we decided to continue driving out to Hwy 195 to look at a manufactured home 55+ retirement community. All were for sale - none for lease. So we continued south and drove all the way to Rosalia, a small farming town. There was a fire in a wheat field that seemed to be close, but, like an optical illusion, we never came close enough to really see what was actually burning.
It started turning really hot. After all those beautiful cooler days it was hard to accept the summer heat. But it is here and they forecasted that it will be around for the week. Ugh!
When we finally came home I laid down and took a nap. Tacos for dinner and True Blood. What could be better to end the weekend?

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