Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 153

Friday is finally here and perfect weekend weather-wise on the horizon. Plans are hanging on what happens at M's appointment today.

Still need to get the rest of the stuff out of the house this weekend.

This thing about Weiner and the Twitter picture. People really? Give it a rest. You know he got hacked by the right who hate his liberal views and want to bring him down. Since their guys are dropping like flies for the same kind of nonsense. It was photoshopped, and not very well. Get over it y'all and let's move on to the bigger issues.

John Edwards - Just desserts - you reap what you sow. (I looked it up and it is s-o-w) I won't forgive what you did to your brave wonderful wife. You are a sleeze and you deserve the book thrown at you.

Killer tornado in Massachussetts? The weather is getting very freaky!! We even had one in Pullman, WA last week. We do get a tornado every once in awhile but here in Northwest we don't have the heat and the humidity to generate them. This week we did enjoy the thunder and lightning we had. It's been chilly with rain, wind and dark clouds off and on but this weekend it is suppose to be in the high 70's. We still have snow on the mountains that surround us.

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kkryno said...

Here's to a sunny week-end!

I'm gonna spend mine cleaning out my closet, provided we still have rain.