Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 151

Almost quit yesterday afternoon. I was so depressed. I know I should be thankful I have a job, but, I am tired of the call center business. I do not forsee it getting any better. But I need the job, so I need to buck up and continue on.  I have not heard from Inland from the interview from last Friday. Not a good sign.

Our financial future is on track. Tasks are being completed, even with a few stumbles. I have a tendency not to take things very serious. Keeps the worry and stress at bay. Just wish the employment part would settle out. I just need benefits and a place to go each day and prosper. Maybe I'm asking too much during these times.

Cable tv and phone will be gone by June 15th. Will need to become an expert at streaming from Hulu and Netflix. And also using the rabbit ear converter for the local channels. It will be nice to add the $150 back into the budget. I think emusic will need to go too. I have had that account like forever, but...another $21 back into the budget. More back into the budget...more beads I can afford to purchase. More beads purchased...more jewelry to make to sell....

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